fredag 11 december 2015

A make up store splurge

Make up store has released new designs to their beauty products and therefore had a big sale on their old models. And because I live for sales, I took the opportunity to buy some of their shadows.

The reason Make up store are releasing the new designs is because they are working on replacing all animal ingredients in their products to become vegan-friendly. I am quite happy that they decided to be more healthy and eco friendly. ^^

I'm also happy that they are doing these new packages because many of their eyeshadow packages were a tad bit flimsy, and because of that I often had problems when I tried to depot them.

I quite like the Make up store eye shadows because they are pigmented and come in many different colors, shades and formulation, everything from mat, metalic, shimmry etc. Plus the shadows are easy to work with.
Another reason why I like the Make up store shadows is that the price is reasonably, you get 3g product for 140 SEK while one MAC shadow costs 175-180 SEK of 1.5g. So there are some price difference.

Here are the colors that I bought;

                                        L to R : volcano, thistle, strong, orange peel, giallo damasco, lemon, nightclub, salvador, leonardo  

Have you tried any products from the Make up store?


torsdag 3 december 2015

H&M argan-oil

Recently, I have become obsessed with my hair!
After hearing, reading and having friends telling me sooo much about argan-oil and its benefits I wanted to test it out.

So what I found was this little bottle at H&M. I know there are thousands of different brands out on the market but I though that before try something more expensive I would give this little fellow a try.

The first thing I noticed when I used it was the smell! It smells heavenly!
It gives shine to my hair without making it look greasy and at the same time it will not weigh down my hair like many other hair-oils do.
It is absorbed quickly into my hair, so I do not get greasy hands when touching my hair ^^
and my hair feels soft and fresh, perfect for anyone with dry, frizzy hair!

I have no complaints about it, so I can only recommend it!
Now, I know that this H&M argan-oil contains silicon which may not be the best for the hair but almost all high brand argan-oils have it as well!
Why I specifically tested this argan-oil was because many of my friends who have been using Moroccan argan-oil switched to this H&M argan-oil as they thought that both oils did a equally good job while H&M argan-oil being at a much lower price.

Have you tried H&M argan-oil or any other argan-oils?


torsdag 19 november 2015

Isadora Twist Up Matte Lips

Here they come again, Isadora´s version of chubby sticks with semi-matte finish.

At the beginning of this year Isadora Twist Up Matte Lips began showing up everywhere with bright spring colors and now once again in the autumn Isadora came out with new darker colors and to this I can only say YAY!

                                   L to R;  Purple Prune, Majestic Mauve and Naked

I like Isadora lipsticks but this is the first time I try the Isadora Twist Up Matte Lips and I must say I'm impressed!
The pens are creamy but have a satin/mat finish, they feels smooth and lovely on your lips and they do not dry out the lips. The pigmentation can vary depending on the color but after two layers/swipes I had a full coverage. The Naked which is from the spring collection has a bit of a sparkle to it but it is not noticeable when wearing it, the other two Majestic Mauve and Purple Prune is from autumn collection and has a closer to matte then semi-matte color which I like.

All three stay on for a really long time on my lips especially Majestic Mauve and Purple Prune and these color selection work great for everyday use and for special occasions!

The tip of these chubby sticks is a bit different from the usually ones, it looks like an ordinary lipstick. This makes the application easy, at least for me.
But at the same time the only negative thing about them is that I'm a little afraid of destroying the tip every time I take the lid off or put it to back on.

Which is your favorite matte chubby stick?


fredag 23 oktober 2015

Lovely ebay bargains

After hearing so much good about these lip glosses and that there is a dupe of the lime crime cashmere I decided to try some of these lip glosses out, and since they only cost about 1-2 dollars each I did not feel bad if they would turn out to be a failure for me.

There is wide variety of colors, about 36 shades to choose from. I myself only bought 3 pieces and the colors were 03, 18 and 26.
The colors goes more towards the natural look but there's still a hint pink, purple or red in them.
These lip glosses comes in a plastic tubes that reminds me off the test tubes that I had in Chemistry hihi
And they also have the standard doe-foot applicator.

I have heard that the formulation can vary between the colors but of the three pieces that I bought the formulation were similar. They are easy to apply on the lips, do not get streaky and they dry very fast!!!
When they have dried they can feel a bit sticky when I press my lips together but it is not noticed when I talk normally. (maybe I don't press my lips together hard enough?)
what I like is that my lips do not get too dry, sure they are matte lip glosses but I feel no discomfort when wearing them, but I think they highlight my “mouth lines” very well!

These lip glosses are very difficult to remove. It takes me quite a while to get the product off my lips.

I think they are worth a try because they last long and have a lovely color slection! But do not expect a high quality product.

Z ♥

torsdag 15 oktober 2015

The Autumn Tag

The Autumn is here and what better to start it off with a tag.
I really enjoy to read different tags so I thought I'd do one and share some of my favorites ^^

Favorite drink?
Chai latte!!! It's my favorite treat of the day. I like to drink it all year round but especially during Autumn I drink chai lattes at least three time a day ^^
chai latte with cream and a little bit of cinnamon dusted on top.. Yum!!

Best lipstick?
I like to wear berry lipsticks but more the "nude berry" lipsticks rather than dark ones. But as I mentioned in an other post that this year I want to be more brave, adventures and try out things I'm not comfortable to do but would like to do, so that is why I want to go for a more deeper toned lipstick this year.

Go to colour for the eyes?
I like to have neutral colors on the eyelids especially now when I use more bold lipsticks, but some gold tones can feel free to come by. ^^

Favorite Scent / Candle ?
I do not have a favorite candle scent but for perfumes I like the sweet musky fragrances!
The one perfume I have been loving and using is the Calvin Klein Euphoria, but I also like the Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel and I have been using it for years.

Favorite outfit to wear?
Now During Autumn the weather starts to get a little bit chillier so I often like to wear a big sweater and have a leather jacket on top of it. Another thing that I've started to like is to use different scarves!
It was last week, I cleaned my closet and it was then I found several scarves, so now I change them up every day.

Favorite place to be?
Late last summer, I started to walk a lot, so I love to walk in the woods or up the hills to get a beautiful view of the trees with different colours. I like to see the leaves turning to different colours.

I tag all of you reading this post! I would love to read some of your favorites ^^

Z ♥

fredag 2 oktober 2015

Missha Pure Source Aloe Sheet Mask

I try to use masks once a week when I have my little pamper time, and so far, I have enjoyed every single minute of them ^^

For the last month I tried to experiment and use different types of masks every month. I have previously tested the sheet mask and liked them very much, though I have not had any easy access to buying them. Though one day I decided to buy some different sheet mask from ebay,sasa and jolse.
So, today I will reviewing the Missha Pure Source caviar sheet mask.

But before I begin, let me just explain to you that sheet mask will not have a big impact on one's skin, maybe a little. Instead the reason that I use masks is because it feels good and is relaxing, plus I want to give my skin a vitamin treat once in a while. ^^

This Missha sheet mask claims to give moisture and nutrition to the skin, which I think it does.
This sheet mask can be used by all skin types but especially for dry and dull-looking skin.
It is very easy to use, all you have to do is wash your face so no makeup or cream is on the skin.
And on clean skin apply the mask.
This sheet mask was pretty good, I had no difficulty putting it on my face and all parts of my face were covered well.
I will lay down on my bed and rest a bit with a nice music in the background while using sheet mask so it almost becomes like a stay at home spa.
After taking this sheet mask off, my face feels a tiny bit sticky, but it does not feel uncomfortable.

The mask is made of cotton and are very soft and gentle. It is also soaked thoroughly, but not drippy and the consistence is a watering jelly.
It tends to be a lot of serum in its packaging after using the sheet mask, I usually squeeze it out in a little jar, so that I can reuse the serum the next day at night. I do not use the sheet mask again, I will just use my fingers or a small brush to apply a bit of serum on to my face. I use it like a night mask!
And so I keep on doing this process until all the serum is used up which is usually Wednesday or Thursday evening.

This mask moisturizes my skin but as I mentioned earlier, I get no long lasting effect even if I use the serum every day.  But this is a fun thing to do at times and would certainly try on some other sheet masks in the future and would definitely recommend to test some of sheet mask!
They are very inexpensive cost around $1.5 -2 per sheet mask but you can also get it cheaper if you buy them in bulk.

Have you tried any sheet masks before?
What are your favorite types?

Z ♥

söndag 20 september 2015

Oz Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum ☆

After trying the products for three weeks I can say I'm impressed!                                  

I would like to mention that I got this little product and did not buy it!

Now, to the product ^^
This Oz Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum is designed to moisturize, help skin to rejuvenate and to make the small fine lines disappear.
The main ingredients in this serum are Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. It is vegan, does not contain alcohol, parabens or sulfates and CRUELTY FREE .
Hyaluronic acid plays an important role in cell growth but also to attract and retain water, causing the skin gets more moisture.

After a four-week trial, I can guarantee that my skin became more soft and moisturized.
My foundation did not crack on my cheeks and my redness had become less prune /pigmented.
And sometimes I also to thought about whether or not I really need foundation!
So, to make it short → my complexion has become more radiant and glowy ^^
But I noticed that if I do not used this serum in three days, then my "old" skin will slowly come back, so this serum makes my moisturizers absorb faster and better.

The serum has a gel watery texture and comes in a small glass bottle with a rubber dropper.
Sadly, this bottle is transparent which I think is bad! Especially if it contains vitamin C.
Many important ingredients in the serum is sensitive to light, so it has a higher risk for the serum to go bad. I think the serum should come in an amber glass bottle to protect the efficiency of the ingredients.

Now to the most important question, does this work? The answer is yes and no.
My skin became more smooth and my complexion became more even but none of my wrinkles disappeared not even the little that I see when I look myself into a magnifying glass. ^^ And that this results remains only if i used the serum every day.
I would buy it? Yes absolutely! But only if I'm living in the USA since the shipping it comes with is a hefty sum, it is as much as the product itself.
Admittedly, I paid nothing this time but I just wanted to mention this to you who may not live in America and would want to try it out.

If you want to try this serum can buy it here.

But it is worth to try!

Z ♥